Writing As A Collective Effort – Sharing Creativity To Grow Artistically

mendes biondo

The subject of collaboration and the exchange of ideas has always been dear to me. All the great artists that I respect and follow, as well as those I’m lucky to have as friends, know that it is very important to create networks and work together. In the world of literature, however, sometimes I have seen a lot of jealousy over one’s work, a jealousy that has always proved to be deleterious in the long run. Continue reading “Writing As A Collective Effort – Sharing Creativity To Grow Artistically”


Writing Tricks – That Time I Used Rummy Cards To Tell a Story


Ah, Christmas time. Now that it is passed, I can try to take out the best part – gifts excluded –  of these holidays. Here in Italy, Christmas means huge meals, parents gathering, kitsch decorations and… card games! I know it could sound strange talking about that topic right now, but keep reading this article and you’ll discover why I decided to focus on card games. Continue reading “Writing Tricks – That Time I Used Rummy Cards To Tell a Story”

Poetry Is About Telling The Truth – The Fucking Humbug


One of these days, while reading the submissions I’ve received for The Ramingo’s Porch, one of the editors told me he was tired of humbug. He was talking about the trend of many authors to say things that they do not even know or that they have never tried on their skin. Unfortunately, in a world made of “politically correct” it’s difficult to find authors and artists capable of freeing themselves from humbug. Continue reading “Poetry Is About Telling The Truth – The Fucking Humbug”