Who the hell is Mendes?

Well, well, well… writing about oneself is always difficult so I’ll try to do it simple.

46511170_485712548590171_5830815753867100160_n.jpgI’m a journalist in Italy and a poet in the rest of the world. I like writing cool stuff to entertain people and, as it seems, they like my pieces. I started publishing the very first poem some years ago on Visual Verse, then the magic happened and the beast was created. A lot of magazines decided to publish my verses and it was an amazing experience. First of all because I had the possibility to meet many cool and talented artists. Then because it’s really funny to be able to spread some good vibes here and there for you. Soon my first book, “Spaghetti&Meatballs – Poems for hot organs“, will be out for Pski’s Porch Publishing and another part of my life will start.

If you are going to ask me if I’m the same Mendes Biondo of RAMINGO! Blog and The Ramingo’s Porch, the answer is YES. So please, go and check out the work I’m doing along with the lovely Elena Bello (RAMINGO! Blog) and the talented artists Catfish McDaris and Marc Pietrzykowski (The Ramingo’s Porch).

If you want to entertain while I pour you a good drink, you can find some poems I published on magazines at this link. If not, try to have fun with the blog posts and the interviews I had with many artists from all over the world.


M. B.