Poetry As A Healing Spell – How I Started Writing Poems To Have Fun And To Please People Around Me


One day I was lucky enough to meet a person who opened my eyes about poetry and writing. Before meeting her, my idea of writing poems, and writing in general, were linked to simple aesthetic research. But I was not happy of that result, inside of me a inner voice was trying to tell me poetry was much more than that. Poems are a form of healing, a spell to sanctify the soul of the reader.

As I wrote in another article, my first mentor in poetry was Deborah Alma – she’s the person I was lucky enough to meet – also known as the Emergency Poet. She pushed me to write in English language and to create poetry to submit to magazines. Something magical happened from that moment on. I looked at her work as a form of paradigm to follow and I started thinking about how much poetry is able to give pleasure and health to those who read it.

When I was a kid, I remember that I was fascinated by magic and everything that was esoteric. And like all the kids of my age, I went to see the Harry Potter movies. Hermione Granger was the character I liked the least. Know-all and meticulous, a real pain in the ass for those who follow the “Take it Easy” mantra. Anyway a sentence of hers remained in my mind: «it’s Leviosa, not Leviosar». “Why are you telling me this?” You would ask me now. Because in that line there is the key of the enigma, I can reply to you.


Poetry is really a form of spell, is an ancient way people used to talk about life and things that were surrounding them. So if we consider the importance of saying it right, as for the “Wingardium Leviosa” spell, and the fact a person could be healed by a good read, we can say a poet has a great power inside his pen.

Some days ago I had the pleasure to publish a poem about a woman who were masturbating herself. I wanted to celebrate that moment, to raise her gesture as something sacred, to give dignity to woman pleasure – as well as pleasure in general. I wanted to write something different from a feminist poem, just a way to bless those fingers and that vagina, and that body trembling for the orgasm. It’s something we should accept more than the view of a machine gun killing our brothers and sisters.


It happened that a woman wrote me a comment on Facebook saying that in the southern of USA it is still a shame to talk about female masturbation and she thanked me because I was spreading good vibes about that issue. So I wrote other poems about masturbation and I hope they will sanctify people all round the word. Or, at least, that they bring some joy in reading them.

So this is why I still think poetry is a collective work. When I write I do it for other people’s pleasure. Most of the poems collected in my book are written for my wonderful beloved Elena – my fellow along this crazy path called life – or they are a cry for all those people, like me, who are trying to find their place in this world.


But now it’s up to you. Let me know what it means for you to write poems while I serve you a cold cocktail to drink.



5 thoughts on “Poetry As A Healing Spell – How I Started Writing Poems To Have Fun And To Please People Around Me

  1. I love how you look at poetry! For me when I write it can come from a couple of places, a desire to relate to people and share our feelings from the human experience, or to process the things that creep up on me from time to time. I agree both of these has a very magical effect!


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