Spaghetti&Meatballs – How It All Started With a Challenge to Myself


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It’s always a great satisfaction when you receive a mail from a publisher, you open it, and inside you find the answer to all your efforts: «sure, let’s do it». That “it” is my very first book in English language. A milestone for me and, I hope, an inspiration for all those who are struggling with creative and poetry writing.

I started my path in the far 2016. The first poem I published, on Visual Verse, was an ekphrastic poem about a young man ready to dive inside deep waters. I named it “The Lullaby of The Water” and I remember it flew out of my mind naturally as the flowing of a river. I remember the feeling of anxiety for their reply.

«I’m just a newbie, they will never accept a poem written by an Italian poet who is experimenting with a language other than his own».

But the truth was that I felt right while I was writing it, there were good vibes all round me, a group of poets – lovely supportive ladies from Great Britain – pushed me to try my first dive.

After some days a tweet appeared on my phone. Visual Verse published that poem. I was literally overjoyed.

I’m still overjoyed when a magazine says “yes!” and I think it’s something that happens to every artist out there.

Mendes Biondo.jpg

So I tried to do my best, sometimes writing real shit, sometimes falling into horrible typos, sometimes asking for a help, sometimes succeeding.

The most wonderful part of this “travel” I’m doing, is the support I had from other poets, more or less known. I have to say thanks to Deborah Alma, the Emergency Poet. It’s only because of her if I started writing poems in English, then Finola Scott who is always ready to whip my bum when I write typos here and there. I suppose I put a strain on her heart with my mistakes.

Then my fellows Musketeers Catfish McDaris and Marc Pietrzykowski. We started a wonderful printed magazine named The Ramingo’s Porch.

And, last but not the least, Elena, my girlfriend, who is constantly helping me with my mad projects, trying to keep me on the right way and giving me a hand when I’m down.

I know it could be hard being published for the first time, and it was, because I needed to start practicing a new language, a new culture, a new way of watching things.

«Think in English» always said my Italian English Teacher while she was trying to forge the way I’m writing.

I remember the day Catfish told me: «you’re not ready yet, you need to work more on your stuff». It was hurting but it was true and what a joy when he sent in his blurb for the book. He understood, and so I did, that something has changed and the fruit was ready to be caught.


As I just said, I know it could be hard. But it worth it. Because writing and publishing a book is not like climbing the Mount Everest on your own, it’s like being on voyage with other caravaneers. A path made of “welcome” and “goodbye”, an experience where you help you friends and they give you all the human warmth you need.

But this is just the beginning, more will happen tomorrow and I hope to find you all again with me on this wonderful path made of friendship, good vibes and humanity.

Mendes Biondo

You can purchase the book at this link:


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